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And another year went by so quickly...


And as it was for many a very cheerful day looking forward to an exciting summer time with lots of adventure and hopefully great weather, it was for some an emotional, sad day as it was the last day at Rainbow.


Some children who spent so many years at Rainbow, many first in the nursery and then at the Junior school are now ready for the next step and the next challenge when they enter secondary school education.


We are extremely proud to say that all the children got into their desired school and we are so happy to have been able to see them blossom over the years at Rainbow. Many of them now enter the next phase of their life and their development with confidence, independence and joy for learning which are all very important pillars of the Montessori Education as well as of Rainbow.


Some of our younger children have only been with us for a short period of time and now are moving to another country. We are happy to have been able to see them develop and grow here at Rainbow too!


All teachers here at Rainbow wish all leaving children all the best for their future and we are hoping that you will stay in touch with Rainbow and come and visit us!


Miss Sylvia and All the Junior School Teachers

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