Dear Parents,

On the last day of term we enjoyed a Christmas lunch and had a lovely festive day. Below are some photographs we took of the merriment!
From all the Rainbow Junior School team I wish you all a lovely holiday!
I am looking forward to seeing you all when we are back on Tuesday, 6th January 2015!
Kind regards,
Miss Sylvia
Head of Junior School


20141212_120307 20141212_120317 20141212_120324 20141212_120336 20141212_120352 20141212_122047 20141212_122107 20141212_122356 20141212_122412 20141212_122427 20141212_122630 20141212_122640 20141212_122825 20141212_122854 20141212_122907 20141212_122936

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