Thursday 24th October was a very special day as it was Miss Linda´s birthday. Miss Linda was the founder of  Rainbow Montessori Schools, who very sadly passed away two years ago.

For Miss Linda, the academic, social and emotional progression as well as the development of each individual child was always central in her schools and of vital importance. We are still following Miss Linda's passion for Montessori as well as continuing her wonderful legacy.


Miss Linda´s most favourite colour was pink so it was lovely to see that on her special day all children and teachers were wearing something in pink. We had a lovely assembly with the children in which also Mr John spoke to the children about why Miss Linda wanted her four schools be special, colourful schools, a place were children feel good, welcomed and their learning can be nurtured.
After the assembly the whole junior school went to the park where each child released a special pink balloon into the sky in memory of Miss Linda and her birthday. The children were all very cheerful and excited as they watched the balloons disappear behind the clouds high up into the sky.
All your donations for this day will be sent to Miss Linda´s favourite charity: "Look Good, Feel Better" We raised an amazing £150.00!


Happy Birthday Miss Linda! We miss you!
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