On Friday before the half term break; it was all about a very special lady; Miss Linda, the founder of Rainbow Montessori Junior School and the three Rainbow nurseries.
The motto of the day was Think Pink!
We spoke to the children about Miss Linda and how important it was for her to create a place where children are happy to learn, their interests are nurtured and they are respected as individuals, all following the principals of Montessori.
During an assembly, which was attended by all the children and staff; we looked at pictures of Miss Linda. The children shared with everyone exactly why they like Rainbow Montessori School so much! It was very touching to hear all their lovely comments.
We then went onto Grange Park where each child released a pink balloon along with a special wish. Counting backwards from ten to zero we released all our balloons at the same time.
This was truly a magical moment and such a wonderful way to end our fabulous Miss Linda Day.



We raised a wonderful £100.00 which will go to the charity called Look Good Feel Better.

Thank you all for your donations!



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