Preparatory have had a busy few weeks in school. We have been working very hard during the morning cycle. 


Last Friday we went on a trip with Elementary 1 to the opening of Putney Bridge. We learned about the pollution that is damaging the River Thames and the different animals/creatures that live there. We got to explore the River Bank and even found some teeth!! Then to finish off a great day out we got to create art work about the river using chalk. Everyone had a fantastic day and learned loads.



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On Monday Miss Hiroe and Preparatory baked cakes in aid of the Macmillan Foundation. We baked cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and mini fruit tarts. They looked delicious and helped us raise money at the cake sale on Tuesday morning.


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Over the last few weeks we have been creating art work based on different cultures. We learned about the Aboriginal people, what they believe and how they create art by using dots. We made our very own African style masks after we learned about the culture behind them and this week we created dream catchers to stop us having bad dreams. Lets hope they work!



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