At the Junior School, we had People Who Help Us week where the whole school came together to learn about people who help us in our community!








E1 & E2


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E1 had a really enjoyable week, with special visits from the people who help us in our community.

They enjoyed the police, trying on hats, and also the builders showing us some of their tools of the trade! We also took a walk down to our library and had the opportunity to ask the librarian questions and choose our own book to take out!

We think the highlight of their week was dressing up as their teachers and teaching us, their 'students'  how to do Maths, reading and writing!


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The community is full of people who help us and the students of E2 met such individuals who make a difference.

We had guests such as the police officers, and builders and we also visited places in our neighbourhood like library and took a trip to our local super market, Waitrose to go behind the scenes.

For our homework, the students researched about one such special person e.g. teacher, vets or someone who helps us and then presented their work in front of the whole class.

Miss Naveed and Miss Mariam



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The children of Primary were quite engaged during this busy week.

We began by discussing what we really mean by 'people who help us.'

From here, each student spoke enthusiastically about their own parents and the busy roles they play. I was very impressed by the homework the class produced. Some gave wonderful examples important occupations while others performed interviews with an important person if their choice!

At school we interviewed many amazing people such a builder, the secretaries in our school and their personal favourite, the police!

The children were also very engaged when Sebastian's mother came to visit. She played games with us to give us an idea of how psychologists help us.

Miss Marie


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