Dear Parents,
Elementary one, Reception class and Elementary two had a lovely drama workshop on Thursday 21st April, each class participated in a half an hour lesson where they used many special skills required in drama! such as movement, posture, concentration, focus and many more! The children were  joined by "Peter Pan" a performer from an outside theatre company who invited the children to act out some of the characters from the story of "Peter Pan" . The children absolutely loved being involved and were all very enthusiastic when taking part. 
The workshop really provided the children with the opportunities to explore different drama techniques such as facial expressions and voice projection! The children moved around the classroom as they became apart of the play, they really got to explore creative movement and use their imaginations!
They enjoyed hiding the treasure and working as a team to push the "imaginary" treasure chest around the room or shall we say the ship?!
We hope you enjoy the wonderful photos!
From all the teachers of Elementary One, Two and Reception.
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