Preparatory class visited St Paul's Cathedral as part of their adventure into architecture.

Each child used a compass to orientate them selves from school to St Paul's Cathedral. Once inside the Cathedral they settled down to create fantastic black and white sketches.  After lunch we had a chat with the priest who shared tales of Sir Christopher Wren jumping around on the dome at 90 years of age!


Architecture week in Preparatory was a social whirl, following on from our visit to St Paul's Cathedral the children completed their line drawings of interior detail and their renditions of St Paul's after famous artists.

The children moved onto the mathematics, engineering and geometry of world famous buildings from America, Italy and Iran which was inspirational. Next we explored an architects drawings that was specially prepared for us so we could see the geometric construct of St Paul's, this entailed a 32 page digital presentation; which was amazing.

Finally the big day, whilst the cable car was rolling, I set a challenge, 10 sticks of spaghetti, 5 marshmallows, string and tape; make a construction that stands over 54cm tall. The children dived in the parents respectfully waited two minutes and that was the beginning of a good hour of construction with the challenge mastered by a good 10cm. In the midst of spaghetti fever Miss Hiroe arrived to slice Preparatory's magnificent St Paul's Cathedral cake. The moment was photographed by many, the cake was tasted by children and parents from every class with several returning for more and takeaways offered!

Preparatory children felt Architecture week was a resounding success however it did end in a pretty sticky mess with marshmallows and St Paul's literally as the icing on the cake!

Mr Terence!

PS: A big thank you to Nil's dad Wolfgang, who is an architect and came in for a workshop session with Primary and Prep - it was such an informative session and a wonderful link to our Architecture Week!


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