Welcome back to school and the question I hear you ask. 'What’s new for Autumn in Preparatory?' 



This week in the mornings we are focusing on maths and grammar challenges. We have also introduced a Tibetan religious festival; Choe-nga- Choepa, the children have made mind maps as their template for research, which includes: people, livestock and transportation...

The project for this term is Ted Hughes 'The Iron Man’ within the project, each week we are also exploring PSHE concepts starting with the topic, 'My place of peace.'

As part of our project research we will be visiting the Apple store on regents street, (they sent me an email titled 'Field Trips,') for a tutorial in graphics. We are taking this opportunity to make a test scene of Ted Hughes, 'The Iron Man.'

On Monday we start making the art department for our end of term show with the woman's whose talents know no fear, Miss Hiroe; all donations of cardboard gratefully accepted.

All the best.








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