Preparatory People!

This term, the songs 'Happy’ and 'Everything is Awesome,' have vibrated through Preparatory on a daily basis as well as being popular choices at the Valentine’s Discos. I highly recommend both songs to lift the mood of the day!



The children have excelled in many areas of the curriculum but watch out for their contribution in Food Technology with Miss Hiroe. Very soon you will be able to taste the fruit of their labours!

Looking forward to our project: ‘World’s greatest Empires' starts in March with the Qing Dynasty exploring the study of Empires and the power they hold. We will also visit the Bank of England on the 20th March and S.A.T.S round two begins on Monday.

The children are have just started an art project to define, 'Everything is Awesome,’ in which they are looking at the influence of great Artists and then creating their ‘Awesomeness' in the style of for example, David Hockney.


Here's to a fab summer!

Mr Terence


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