On 17th March 2015 Preparatory class celebrated St Patrick's Day.

We learned all about St Patrick, his life and the famous legend where he drove the snakes out of Ireland. We looked how different countries and people celebrate it. We created Shamrock Men and Leprechauns to decorate the classroom. 

Prep learned a traditional Irish dance called the Siege of Ennis. Ennis is a town in County Clare on the west coast of Ireland. The dance represents the battle when Ennis was sieged. 
On Tuesday the children did an assembly for the rest of the school. As part of this assembly they danced the Siege of Ennis, Did a presentation and they sang The Rattlin' Bog which is a popular Irish folk song about a bog in a valley, and its contents. The adjective rattlin' is an abbreviation of 'rattling' which in the context of this song, means 'splendid'. The song is a cumulative song, similar to The Twelve Days of Christmas as it has a list at the end of each verse which grows throughout the piece. In some performances of the song, the speed is constantly increased, in the same way that The Sailor's Hornpipe is sometimes played. 
After the assembly the Prep class got to see what it would be like to have green hair!
Have a look at the pictures below!
Miss Emma
Prep class prepared a lovely presentation that they shared with all the classes.
Their dancing and singing of a traditional Irish song was so amazing that all children who were watching that presentation joined in with the singing of the chorus!
What a lovely assembly!
Miss Sylvia
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