This term the children of Preparatory researched the "Butter Lamp Festival" from Tibet and gave the rest of the school a little presentation about this festival.
Researching it was the perfect opportunity to find out more about where Tibet is located and many other facts about Tibet such as what clothes do people wear there, what kind of music do they listen to and lots of geographical facts.
Over the following term Preparatory will study and learn about many more festivals and celebrations from around the world and different religions. 
If parents would like to share a celebration they know very well with Preparatory, please speak to Miss Sylvia or Mr Terence.
Parents are always very welcome in school!


Preparatory viewed global festivals through the curriculum area of PHSEEC helping us understand how we build friendships and understanding.

In no particular order: Judaism, looking at Abraham & Sarah, Christianity and how is was born
from Judaism, Hinduism and it's view's on reincarnation, Islam having several meanings,
Peace being one of them, Buddhism a philosophy starting with a Prince called Siddhartha
latter known as Buddha.

Peace be with you.


Mr Terence