The trip to the zoo was great!

We all had so much fun. We saw monkeys, penguins, rats, lemurs and so many other amazing species of animal!

At the workshop we learnt about animal classification which was very interesting. We even got to stroke a real brown rat named Chilli and met his rat brother Basil. Later on, when we explored the zoo a bit more we saw the whole entire rat family. It was amazing!

When we went to the rainforest area of the zoo it was fun watching the monkeys climb up and down the trees. One of them was called Bandit and the cute little monkey jumped on Leanne's back pack, started to sniff around and then tried to open it! We thought it was the funniest thing ever!

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When we looked at the bottom of all the trees we saw two tortoises! There was a little tree growing by a tank with some giant sea snails in it, anyway, about the tree we saw a REAL sloth sleeping on it!

We also saw some very cute lemurs who were all bundled up together!!! At first, when we entered the lemur's cage, we didn't see anything except grass and trees but then when we went further to the exit, we saw one lemur and everyone decided to make a big fuss over it, but when we went even further, we saw three lemurs bundled up together.

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We really enjoyed exploring the Africa area and loved seeing the hippos, giraffes and just before we left the African wild dogs which were beautiful.

We loved the trip to the zoo and hope we can go there again!

Written by Myrsini & Lexi




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