Welcome back!
I hope everyone had a lovely, restful Christmas and New Year.

This term is going to be another very busy one for Preparatory! We have lot of fun things planned for them.

This term our project is World War II and we have already started working very hard on it. We learned about Anne Frank and her diary which she called 'kitty'. We also learned about what countries were involved in the war and who the main leaders were! 
We have a lovely drama workshop planned which will be based on World War II and should be great fun. We will also be taking a trip to the Imperial War Museum after half term to look at the war galleries. 
Preparatory are also going on a very exciting trip to clueQuest before the half term. ClueQuest is a real-life escape game where teams of 3-5 people are locked in a custom built, challenging and entertaining environment to solve the many mysteries, puzzles and challenges to find the final key and escape the room. The goal is simple: escape from the room in 60 minutes using only your mind, logic and teamwork, solving all the puzzles and mysteries! 
We are also very excited to announce that this term the famous 'POP UP RESTAURANT' with Miss Hiroe returns! Stay tuned for more details...
Miss Emma
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