The children in the Preparatory class are working hard and have made a good start this term.



They are doing further work in language, learning about clauses in sentences and analysing sentences. Next week we will be working on adverbial and adjectival clauses. They have also been working about 'writing to persuade' and on 7th May when we have our mock election, the leaders of our two Rainbow parties will use these skills to write a manifesto and deliver speeches to the Primary class in an effort to persuade them to vote in their favour!

 Macbeth - Poster

We  are making good progress, reading 'The Hobbit' and are all enjoying the story. We have also started working on 'Macbeth' and while enjoying the story and enacting the drama, the children are also doing further work on beat and rhythm.

In Science the class has started further work on the properties of solids and the use of force to make changes, both reversible and irreversible. The children have learnt about the Mohs Hardness Scale and have had a go at using a hammer to see the impact of force on solids with different levels of hardness, from iron to chalk.

In art, we have learnt about using varying strokes to paint and have also worked on creating movement, using a scene with birds.


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The class is also working on using geometry instruments to create shapes, work out missing angles and calculate perimeter and area.

Of course the children are really about the residential trip which is coming up soon, and there is a lot of chatting about all that they will do. So far, it's been a good term, both for learning and for fun!

Miss Naveed


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