We have begun Pop Up preparations with Miss Hiroe. We made the two  starters that we are thinking of using on the night and the critics here in prep thought it was DELICIOUS! 
We learned all about e-safety and how important it is to be careful if on the computer or using a mobile phone. They all agreed that if there is a problem or something doesn't seem right we should tell our parents 🙂 good thinking I say.... 
As part of our project we looked at air raids and the blitz, we looked at the bombings of Tokyo which was very interesting and scary at the same time. This week we ant back in time and using blindfolds imagined we were in a blackout! We then did lots of really nice creative writing about it.  
For art we began looking at some of Henry Moore's work. Henry Moore is an artist/sculpture who was an eyewitness to the night time bombings of London by the German Air Force in 1941. We discussed his work and what we interpreted  his work to be. We looked at how he uses dark colours in the background and bright colours in front "to make it look scarier"
The children have been learning lots of important dates from WWII through our 'a date a day box". We have been having lots of quizzes to help us remember them all.
All of the children and myself are really excited about our trip to Clue Quest before half term. We would like to thank Friends of Rainbow for making this trip a possibility. 
We have a very busy few weeks ahead with Pop-Up preparation, a drama workshop, clue quest and lots of other fun things! Stay tuned for more updates.
Miss Emma 





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