The children have been busy. We have started our work on the History of London. Before going on the PGL trip they learnt about how the Roman invasion in AD43 led to the establishment of Londinium. They did a hands-on activity on how the Romans built roads for transporting goods and people.

We have continued work with Anglo-Saxon London this week and will work through the centuries up to the present day. Through art and different activities, the children will become familiar with the history of our capital city.

Birds eye view of Anglo-Saxon London.

We have also started reviewing & learning about Geometry and using that for art as well, while learning the rules & names of 2-D and 3-D shapes. In poetry we have worked on an acrostic poem and a Haiku and will continue with different kinds of poetry. Alongside, we will be learning about the tools used to craft a poem as the children try a hand at writing poetry.

Soon we will be planting a food plant and watch it grow and bear fruit. A really good activity during the warm summer term!

The Preparatory Team

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