Preparatory  has had a good start to the new term!


We have also welcomed a few new children to the class.


We started off our project by exploring the Montessori Timeline of life and looking at how life first evolved in the oceans. We looked at some of the prehistoric ocean animals and plants and then learnt about current life in the ocean. The children showed great interest in researching and making lovely posters about sharks as well as eels and we found out that some eels live in fresh waters and others in salty water.

We continued our learning journey by finding out about the Great Barrier Reef and its rich life near Australia. It was very interesting watching parts of Sir David Attenborough's documentary of the Great Barrier Reef.

Last week one of the children brought real life snails in to visit us in Preparatory! This led to an intensive research about snails and many of the children created beautiful snail research posters.


After learning about the characterises of fish, amphibians, looking at the life cycle and the food chain of the frog this week we will study reptiles. We will also take a closer look at the Mesozoic Era when the dinosaurs ruled the world and look at the different theories of why they are now extinct.

We enjoyed our trip to the Paddington Recreation Centre learning and exploring nature and the importance about looking after natural environments. Later this term we will be going on a trip to Kentish town Farm together with the children of Primary.


What a busy term ahead of us!


Kind regards

The Preparatory Teacher Team

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