Preparatory Tudor Films

Preparatory embarked on a wonderfully ambitious History project recently with the aim ‘to bring history to life’ to the topic Shakespeare and the Elizabethans.

To give the children a taste of media life, (I previously worked as a Director in the media) I initiated the process through role-play. The class then voted for 3 scripts that then went into production.

lillys tudor film(making of) (small1)


In the first short film, Tudor Poor Laws, directed masterfully by Lily, we find out about the dramatic changes spreading though out England as land is consumed by the new age of farming with intense repercussion on the poorest, resulting in the rise of street begging.  Lily’s uncompromising subject matter was approached and realised through scale sets and plasticine characters.


Tudor Poor Laws Video


The second film was directed by Giorgia, who chose Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Giorgia’s approach to the task was sharp and to the point and this is visible by the hand drawn characters, coloured with moving limbs; set against a back drop of equally exquisite hand drawn sets.

Hamlet Video


The third film to be completed was actually the first to be shot and Tom directed it. His directorial debut was on Henry VIII. This innovative piece of digital media utilised Lego characters and sets shot and edited at home on his family’s smart phone. Tom then re-edited and added sound on the school’s iMac .

Henry VIII Video


There were standard requirements for all the productions, such as: script, storyboards, production team, camera and our innovative directors kept up with these.

All the films you will watch were edited by the children, at school on the iMac with myself, taking the role of series editor.

They have proved themselves to be fantastic first time directors and we hope you enjoy the films!

Mr. Terence

Preparatory Class Teacher

film reel

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