Dear Parents,

On Wednesday 2nd May 2018 all of Preparatory class, along with Miss Sylvia and Miss Emilia, traveled down to PGL Windmill Hill in East Sussex for our annual residential trip.

We were met with strong winds and rain on our arrival but thankfully the clouds parted and we were left with beautiful sunshine for the rest of our trip! The wet weather provided plenty of muddy puddles for the tunnelling activity, which saw all the children squeal with delight as they belly-crawled through deep puddles and long tunnels. Fortunately this was followed by raft-building, where all the children got a good wash as they capsized into the lake!  

We all had the most fantastic time abseiling, playing space-hopper football,  taking part in the challenge course, zip-wiring, playing aero-ball and canoeing. PGL also provided brilliant evening entertainment with a campfire, songs and marshmallows on the first night and a disco on the second night. On top of all this we got to enjoy the PGL shop as well, we are sure your children have shown you the trinkets they picked up (although most of the sweets were consumed immediately!).

All in all we had a highly enjoyable and positive experience, with the children challenging themselves, supporting one another and forming strong bonds. We are sure the photos speak for themselves!

We are looking forward to next year's residential trip!

Miss Emilia + Miss Sylvia






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