A day in the life of Preparatory: A taste of Monday in reverse order.

Monday 28th January 2013.

A quick chat re: Tuesday mornings Parent in the classroom where we are to discuss, culture, religion and work life.
Set Homework based on this terms Project - due in Friday! 
Razik marked the English Grammar, taken from his copy of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Football and a class meeting in the Peace Garden, not sure what the topic was as rain stopped play ...eek!
Lunch was vegetarian risotto.
Moving swiftly on to group and individual work of adding fractions with different denominators, 
Measuring angles in the classroom and playground and long multiplication and my reading book. Once every one had settled back into class, Bilquees hosted the weekly spelling test, well done to you! The day started with French and Guitar.
....Just a jam-packed day in class! Preparatory Spring Term Overview:
Project: Story of Communication through signs. Explore the history of communication from basic symbols

left by early tribes, through Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome. Connecting to future prediction;
how we will communicate in 20 years time? School trips: British Museum, Churchill Cabinet War Rooms Vs HMS Belfast we voted, 7 votes each,
deciding vote this week. Parents, back to school: Parents in the class room starts this week. Parents share their work, culture,
religion, religious festivals with us. Regards! Mr Terence

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