Preparatory had the most wonderful trip to the V&A museum on Tuesday. We were fortunate enough to get tickets to the Frida Kahlo Exhibition! As we have been studying Mexico's history and geography in our culture curriculum, it was the perfect opportunity to blend our knowledge of this beautiful country with one of its greatest artists. We spent the morning walking around the museum, adsorbing works of art from different historical periods and finding items that linked to the Fundamental Needs of Humans.

This was followed by lunch in the beautiful sunny courtyard and then we were able to spend some time enjoying the Frida exhibition. The children were able to look at her original self-portraits that we had studied in class, as well as sketch the stunning array of dresses and personal items of Frida's that were on display.

Thank you to the parents who helped us out and to the children for their exemplary behaviour throughout the day. 

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