Emilia Bellm

Preparatory  Teacher

Mont. Dip. Adv 6-12

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Hi I’m Emilia


I grew up in Ascot, Berkshire and later attended the University of Edinburgh where I studied Architectural History.

The course instilled a passion for traveling in me and after university I decided to move to Australia. While there I completed my 6-12yr Montessori Diploma.

I’m really excited to join the Rainbow community and bring some of the knowledge I have gained of Australian history and culture with me into the classroom!

Miss Emilia 😊


The Preparatory Classroom was recently redeveloped from two rooms, to  create one  huge airy space with all the original character of the Victorian building. The room boasts big sash windows overlooking the picturesque and leafy Woodchurch Road. This vast  room with its spectrum of pastel coloured walls and natural light provides a perfect environment for Primary children to learn and develop.