As inspiration for our architecture week the Primary class visited the Royal Academy for their Sensing Spaces Exhibition.

Here we entered some intriguing galleries, each containing a more diverse installation. The children's responses were quite natural in relation to how they designs of the 'spaces' made them feel. Some were oblivious to one or two of the galleries we entered while they became naturally engrossed in others. Much time was spent engaged in the room which contained a large plastic honey combed shaped panel. Here the public are enabled to decorate it with large coloured straws throughout the exhibition. The children enjoyed this the most and created their own magnificent installations using straws.




Primary have engaged themselves in many activities this half term regarding architecture. We have worked with the AD/BC timeline on the history of architecture and looked at the origin of the word architect and it's meaning. Primary has also looked at various styles of architecture and painted pictures of buildings they found interesting.
The children did on going research on buildings and architecture. We have looked at how early man first made structures (tents) and the structural principals of compression and tension. The children have learnt through experimentation how all buildings and bridges work on these principals. We discovered more at the Sensing Spaces exhibition at the Royal Academy and also looked at the architecture of the Royal Academy itself.
We really enjoyed hearing what Nil's dad from E1 had to say about his projects in architecture as well as the occupation of an architect in itself. Architecture has been a wonderful natural topic of interest which took over this half term as  a whole new project for Primary.


PS: A big thank you to Nil's dad Wolfgang, who is an architect and came in for a workshop session with Primary and Prep - it was such an informative session and a wonderful link to our Architecture Week!

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