Well done Primary!

We're half way through the term, and what a busy one it has been!

It was wonderful to witness all the children in the class become so inspired by our ‘history of London' project.

We have had many fun group lessons such as rein-acting the battle of Hastings, exploring foods from times gone by with miss Hiroe to learning about the history and architecture of St. Paul's cathedral with Sir Christopher Wren.

We have kick started our upcoming poetry week by exploring poetry under the theme of water. The children are undergoing much preparation for this!

One of our highlights so far being our trip to the Royal Festival Hall for World poetry Day.

This week we have discussed the history behind why we celebrate the upcoming festival that is bonfire night, learning about Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot as well as safety posters for attending fire displays.

In science the children have learned about an experimented conductors and insulators of electricity.

They have practiced how to create a simple circuit and then integrated this learning through a design and technology lesson with Miss Kate designing their very own impressive Halloween Lanterns.

Great work Primary!


Miss Marie


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