The children of Primary kick started their project by learning about how early humans first communicated.

Through a variety of games we explored the senses to enable us to think about how limited communication was for our earliest ancestors. This included acts of mime, a ‘draw on each others back’ version of Chinese whispers and cave paintings. The children integrated skills in art to explore traditional cave paintings. We then learned about how the Sumarians used pictograms to communicate their thoughts ad particularly as a method of recording what they had traded. Writing systems slowly over time improved as pictograms developed into the system of cuneiform. The Egyptians adapted the idea of pictograms through the more aesthetically pleasing hieroglyphics. primary have particularly enjoyed looking at the hieroglyphic alphabet this week as well as beginning their own cartouche crafts where they have begun learning their own names.

For PSHE this half of term has focused entirely on Anti-Bullying. We really enjoyed our class book The Angel of Nit Shil Road by Anne Fine which has bullying as a theme. A very positive atmosphere has also evolved in the classroom through our ‘Kindness Tree’. If children have observed their peers showing acts of kindness or if someone has been kind to them they will write a note to acknowledge this on a leaf. During group circle times we read the leaves and the person who has had something nice said about them gets to place their leaf on the tree. Our tree is already very colourful and children are intrinsically motivated by this.

In science we leaned about lights and shadows. This involved the importance of the sun, sources of light, defining and classifying objects which cause shadows, shadow games and making our own sun dials. I look forward to continuing our PSHE lessons, learning with the children about how communication has evolved as well as our Science lessons on lights and shadows.

Have a lovely half term.

Miss Marie

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