Paddington Recreation Ground is a park in Maida Vale and it has a lovely small forest where the children of Primary and Preparatory attended a Forest School Workshop.

The children were put in different groups and went on an adventure. They hunted for bugs, trees, insects and some landmarks within the enclosed natural space. The children loved discovering the 'bug hotel' and even found a newt that excited all of us. A great hit was also observing dragonflies flying over the pond and discovering snails and slugs.

We could see good team work and helpfulness among the children. We revised our lessons about different smaller habitats and how we must look after them. 

We finished the lesson with a bonfire, also learning about the importance of making sure the fire is put out before leaving.

We are looking forward to our second trip later this term where we might get to roast some marshmallows!

Rainbow Montessori School


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