Dear Primary and Preparatory parents,
Last week was our first ICT lesson with our new ICT teacher Mr Rafal!

As this was an introduction lesson, Mr Rafal took the opportunity to find out from the children what they know and have learnt so far. He also enquired about what  they are interested in regarding computers and information technology. He was also curious to find out what equipment they are already familiar with and use at home. Mr Rafal then dismantled a PC hard drive to reveal parts such as the PC processor, the memory for laptops and PCs, the mother board, etc.

The children then had a discussion about how computers and microprocessors are used without often being visible in society; for example in hospitals, on aeroplanes as well in our very own home environments.
It was wonderful to see how excited the children were after this initial lesson. I had children coming up to me saying things like "I really enjoyed the lesson" and "ICT was fun today".
I was very happy to get such positive response from the children and of course passed this feedback onto Mr Rafal.
In the second of our ICT lessons, Primary and Prep worked on art & design skills using the computers and seems to not only have been using this technology to be creative but also had lots of interesting fun too!
It is brilliant just how much the children are enjoying having Mr Rafal teaching them!
Kind regards,
Miss Sylvia
Head Teacher Junior School
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