Monday, 3rd October, the Primary Class went on a trip to the Tower of London. It was a sunny day, a lovely day for an outing!

The topic was the Norman invasion of England in 1066. The children had been working on this topic, so the trip really added to their learning. We were met by a "Norman knight" in a knee-length chain-mail shirt, leggings and armour.

 The ‘knight’ took the children to a room in the Tower where they re-enacted the Battle of Stamford Bridge and the Battle of Hastings. They learned a lot about how the first battle was won by the English King Harold. The second battle was lost when William of Normandy defeated King Harold. The class also learned about how the Tower was built, why it was significant and over the centuries how it turned from a palace to a prison.

After a pleasant lunch, on benches overlooking the medieval buildings, we went into the original Tower where so many historical events have taken place. The class saw the staircase under which the ‘lost princes’ were probably buried after being sent to the Tower by their uncle, Richard III.  The class also saw the area where Anne Boleyn was executed on the orders of Henry VIII.

To round off a very enjoyable day, the children played in the grassy area which used to be the moat.

We then returned back to school, tired but happy.


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