The children of Primary have delved into many areas across the curriculum through our project on ‘Famous People.’ 

Through our studies of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Junior we covered areas in PSHE such as inequality and multiculturalism. By learning about Anne Frank we gained an understanding of World War 2 which inspired a natural interest in this particular topic as some children became inspired to pursue their own research. Entertainers such as Charlie Chaplin and Rowan Atkinson brought out the actors in us as we studied mime and the silent era. The children learned many skills in drama during these lessons such as mime, stage craft, rules of comedy and engaging with an audience.


The 1960’s graced us with a strong cultural influence as we studied the Beatles and other popular artists from that era. The children also rocked out to these tunes while creating their very own Andy Warhol inspired self-portraits.

The children learned basic skills in portraiture through designing these crafts as well as their Nelson Mandela “I have a dream” craft. For these portrait skills the children had to follow specific skills in measurement to design carefully. Andy Warhol encouraged us to question how artists become famous. We concluded our term by visiting the Tate Britain Museum. Here the children participated in an artist led workshop where we looked at many forms of art, asked questions and form opinions. We then formed our own interpretations to design a giant class collage.

In science we participated in investigations for the digestive system and forces and motions. The children will continues such inquiries for our study of engineering for the upcoming architecture week. With Miss Hiroe we will be designing and sewing our own cushioned buildings. In our project work we will continue to learn the biographies of people such as Howard Carter, Shakespeare, Johannes Gutenberg, Isaac Newton and the one and only Maria Montessori.

I, particularly, will look forward to celebrating St Patrick's Day with Primary as our upcoming festival!

Miss Marie



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