Primary have relaxed into a new term and are responding well to some changes we’ve made to our morning work cycle.


One example involves practising the virtues of respect and empathy. We show respect for each other’s learning time on a one to one level with a teacher by not interrupting during her teaching with another child. Children are adjusting well to this by placing ‘help me’ cards over the work they are finding tricky and moving on sensibly to a piece of work they can do independently. They can refer to the white board for some direction for work they can revise over. This also encourages independence and self-discipline for each child.


The children have begun developing the skill of scientific enquiry through our ‘experiment of the week’. So far we’ve done ‘pulling boats’ to test for surface tension and ‘dancing raisins’ to test why air bubbles cause the raisins to float in fizzy water.  The children must follow the investigation procedure which includes hypothesising, carrying out fair tests and recording all the steps involved in their learning Investigations under the topics of ‘states of matter’ which we are studying this first half of term have begun.


I can already tell that the children have the basic foundational knowledge for this topic as it does interlink with Montessori’s great story ‘The Beginning of Life’ already told in earlier classes. This understanding being how after the big bang particles formed in three different states - that of solid, liquid, and gas. They understand how everything we know, every particle that exists on Earth is either a solid, liquid or gas. We’ve begun our lessons by thinking about the importance of water as a liquid, we’ve classified different states of matter and different classifications of each state such as viscous liquids (slow pouring liquids) and pourable solids. It should also be fun to interlink this topic with our art lessons, next week’s session being ‘soap carving’.


In PSHE this whole term will focus on the topic ‘respecting the differences in others’. Rehearsals for our performance of ‘The Rainbow People’ have already undergone. The children are showing enthusiasm for the story and are excited about learning lines and perfecting their narration of this story. To complement the theme of the story we will learn about gender/stereotyping, physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, different religions as well as learning about a variety of cultural diversities and family backgrounds from both this country and around the world.


Miss Marie & Miss Kate


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