The children of Primary have been thoroughly engaged with our projects. Our last topic was ancient Egypt. The children especially enjoyed learning about the last Pharaoh of Egypt by making their own Cleopatra heads.

This week we have moved on to the Greeks! We have discussed the wonderful contributions the ancient people of Greece have made to modern society and have reinforced this through some crafty and interactive activities. The children learned about the first Olympians through miming ancient Olympic games to each other. We created our own Parthenon booklets, the chief temple built in honor of the Greek goddess Athena. Finally we developed an appreciation for the first actors in theater through making their own Greek masks. 
Have a look through our Egyptian Cleopatra heads with your child and try guess which one is theirs!
Miss Marie and Miss Kate.
Afnaan Ayaan Jem Molly Nathan Robyn
Diamond NEW Eva NEW HenryNEW LucaNEW Lucy NEW Oliver NEW

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