Welcome back students of Primary!

I am pleased with how well all the children have settled, especially the new students.



The children all appear excited about our project “The History of London.” We have begun with an introduction to the AD/BC, discussed why people settle in other countries and have been amazed with how the map of Roman London compares to that of what is now a large and vibrant city. Already many of the children are keen to research further and know more about the history of our city. Before we move on to the Anglo-Saxons we will explore the influences the Romans have had on our country and city such as the construction of Roman roads.

Birthdays are unlikely to be forgotten this year as the children each made their own Picasso inspired portraits which will go towards a class birthday calendar. This was a wonderful way to kick start the term as each student created a wonderful art piece. We cannot wait to see what they can produce through their art lessons this term!

On Friday we are beginning our cookery lessons with Miss Hiroe. If possible could all children bring cooking aprons for this lesson. From next Friday 20th of September this will be essential. Aprons can then remain in school until half term.

We hope that you and your children are settling back well into the school routine and enjoy the coming term in Primary.


Miss Marie and Miss Kate


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