All of the Primary children (old and new) have settled in well into their class and it is wonderful to have everyone back!

We have started our project with Maria Montessori's first and second great story, 'The Beginning of The Universe' and 'The Coming of Life on Earth'. All the children were very engaged in these stories and that has led to research about stars, galaxies and the planets of our solar system.

Over the next few weeks we will look into more detail at how life has evolved on planet Earth and look at the characteristics of different animal groups. This will then be linked to a visit to London Zoo where the children will attend a workshop about animal classification. We have also planned a visit to the Natural History Museum where we will be learning about dinosaurs and fossils.

As part of Science the children will explore the 'Three States of Matter', scientifically investigating the states of gases, liquids and solids and finding out how they can be changed through lots of hands-on experiments.

As part of the morning work cycle many children enjoy working with the 'Long Montessori Chains' which is great practise for multiplication and preparation for multiples and skip-counting. The children also love reading books in our book corner with the new comfortable beanbag. Of course, lots of other work happens during the morning work cycle and the children have settled in well into the more intensive work routine.

At the moment we are also enjoying the lovely sunshine and at playtime, especially the mud kitchen in the garden is a hit with many children, and so is playing football.

I look forward to a busy, fun-filled term!

Miss Sylvia

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