The children of Primary have all settled in well after the Easter Break.

We have a busy summer term covering many different topics throughout this term and so far, we have continued to learn about African habitats such as the rainforest of Madagascar, rivers, lakes and mountains. We looked at the names of parts of a river such as 'source of a river', 'meanders', 'river delta' and 'tributaries' and loved painting our own big rivers as part of art. Last week after learning about the River Nile the children have studied Lake Victoria and some of the animals living in and near this lake. 

This week the children learnt about rivers of the world with focus on rivers of Europe looking at River Thames and the River Danube. We used atlases to find out the names and location of these two and other lakes. We all enjoyed listening to a classical music piece called 'Blue Danube Waltz' written by the famous Austrian composer Johann Strauss.

We had great fun learning about the mountains of Africa such as Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya/Tanzania which is the highest mountain in Africa and the Table Mountain in South Africa. We created our own mountain range being introduced to terminology such as peak of a mountain, base of a mountain, snowline and slope.

Later this term we are going to look at another continent which will be Australasia and Miss Emilia, one of the teachers in Preparatory who has lived and worked in Australia for the past few years will visit our class to tell us about this fabulous continent. We are looking forward to her visits!

We will also be studying the history of London starting with the Romans. 

In botany as part of science we will be learning about plants, their needs, seeds, leaves and flowers and we are excited about our trip to Kew Gardens in June and another forest school workshop in July.

Let's hope for lots of sunshine so we can continue to enjoy our school garden and planting in our garden. 


Kind regards,

Miss Sylvia + Miss Lea


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