Primary class has been very busy the past few weeks!

We dived straight into our science project learning about the animal kingdom. The children have made some interesting posters and booklets of their favourite phylum's.

As part of our history lessons, we have been learning all about the Era Timeline. In our class, we have set up the Mesozoic Era and we are loving our dinosaur study.

We have also explored life in the ocean as part of science and looked at the different layers of the ocean. This work has been linked to lovely art work that the children very much enjoyed.

We are learning about 4 seasons with a special focus on Autumn Equinox.  The children very much enjoyed making autumn leaf picture and we are looking forward to our first trip into nature visiting the Paddington Recreation Centre.

This week we are looking forward to learning about the '3 states of matter' - liquids, gases and solids and doing different science experiments. We will continue to have fun in our sewing lessons with Miss Hiroe, sewing lovely whales linked to our project about the animal's kingdom.

Have a look below at all the lovely pictures!

Kind regards

The Primary Teacher Team


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