Our Primary class got off to an exciting start in September as we embraced our brand new, beautifully bright and spacious learning environment!
Currently, we are in the midst of our cultural project on The Americas, reflecting on the impact of Christopher Columbus’ discovery and the repercussions for the Native Americans. The students have stepped into the shoes of the indigenous people, quite literally, through the making of their own pair of moccasins, ably assisted by Miss Hiroe. Individual and group research has also focused on art, music and the retelling of a selection of Native American legends.

In PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education) students have enthusiastically been preparing to play an active role as citizens through the form of debate. The students have enjoyed arguing issues as varied as whether or not the Americas should be celebrating Christopher Columbus day to the more topical matter of cards swapping at school. We are exploring virtues such as respect, courtesy and confidence.

Also part of PSHE is about this term has been the exploration of the Hindu religion. Primary students performed a wonderful presentation on the festival of Divali for the other classes in school which included the origins of Diwali and the Festival of Lights! During December we will develop our knowledge with a visit to a Hindu Temple.

As Christmas approaches we will also look at Christianity. Through the exploration of different religious festivals we create an environment which encourages and accepts cultural diversity.
December will also see Primary visiting the Tate Modern Museum introducing the students to the works of Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol. Our art work in class will reflect our visits and cultural work.

If you are able to come along and help on one of our trips please do not hesitate to contact us, your assistance is very much appreciated.

Preparations for our school show are well underway. Primary will perform a Native American legend from the Woodlands Tribe entitled ‘The Invisible Warrior’. Miss Lisa and Miss Susan will support our performance through music and dance routines. Miss Kate and I will be directing. Your ideas for costumes and props would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to performing for you and hope you enjoy the show.

Miss Marie & Miss Kate

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