Dear Parents,

Welcome back everyone to a new term - Summer 2017!

We have all settled in well after the Easter break and enjoyed our afternoon trip to the park on our very first day of term on Tuesday, 25th May. 

We were learning about gravity trying out different experiments as well as measuring the distance between the sun and the planets by using string and calculating one metre for every 10 billion km. It was very nice to see how close the so called 'inner planets' are compared to the so-called 'outer planets'.

At the end of last week, we enjoyed looking at our brand-new timeline of life learning about some of the not so well known extinct animals.

Now we are enjoying our residential trip and once we are back in school again we will start our project about different ancient civilisations starting with the Sumerians of Mesopotamia.

In science, the children showed great interest starting this term's science topic: "electricity" with Miss Elena. We are looking forward to many different experiments and making our own electrical circuits.


Kind regards,

Miss Sylvia 


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