On Thursday, 22nd March, Primary and Primary went to the Forest School in Paddington Recreation Centre. We have been going there throughout the school year, to connect our children to nature and to help them to observe the changes that take place to vegetation and animals as the seasons change.

It was a cold day, but pleasant, and there was occasional sunshine too. There was a game to find hidden objects. The children observed the changes in plants and birds with the approach of springtime.

The highlight of the trip was making shelters using ropes, tarpaulin and items found in the natural environment such as logs and rocks. The children were divided into 4 groups and each found a spot to make a shelter. They all succeeded really well, using their skills and teamwork.

In fact, the Forest School teacher commented that it was unusual for every team to succeed so well. The cooperation needed to work together as a team and build something came very naturally to our Rainbow Montessori children and the enjoyment and excitement were evident!


We look forward to a couple of more forest school trips in the Summer term!

Rainbow Primary and Preparatory Team



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