On Thursday 1st November, Primary and Preparatory enjoyed our first Forest School trip of the academic year. Fortunately, we were well-prepared for all weather because, as predicated, the heavens opened!

The children spent the day merrily splashing in puddles and squelching their boots in the mud! One of the main purposes of the Forest School is for the children to experience all four seasons, this session was focusing on Autumn.

The children were given the task of collecting different types of leaves that had fallen to the ground. They identified oak, white beam and London plane leaves. Following this, they were given the task of making animals they might find in the area out of clay and then making habitats for these animals to live in!

The morning ended with the children making shelters out of natural materials they found around the centre. As always, it was a highly enjoyable excursion.

We greatly look forward to the winter Forest School trip.

Primary & Preparatory


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