On Thursday, 1st of February, Primary and Preparatory attended a Forest School workshop learning about the changes that take place during this cold season when trees shed their leaves, many birds migrate to warmer climates and the beetles are hiding.

The workshop leaders at this natural reserve, encouraged the children to wander around and notice things and then they all gathered together to share information and to ask and answer questions.

An exciting part of the trip was when half the group learnt to light a fire using a flint while the other half played a blindfold game with a buddy to help them to touch and feel without seeing. The groups then swapped over, so they all had a turn of both activities.

At the end the forest school workshop the workshop leaders lit a camp fire with the children sitting around it. It was nice to get the warmth from the fire on that cold day. Then we all made popcorn, and everyone shared it before setting off back to school.

What a lot of fun we all had!

We are looking forward to the next session in March!

Warm regards,

Primary and Preparatory Team


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