Last week the children of Primary and Preparatory visited the Kentish Town Farm.

We had a wonderful day looking around and gathering information about different animals.

We watched excitedly as Farmer Chris fed the turtle called Al and birds such as chickens and swans. We even got to stroke the goats and ducklings!

We came across interesting words such as ruminant which means there are 4 stomachs which means that the food was chewed up in 1 stomach then brought back and swallowed in to the second stomach then the animals had to bring it back and swallow to the 3rd stomach and finally to the 4th  stomach. Ruminant animals are cows, sheep and goats.

Just before lunch we had the opportunity to stroke the adorable ducklings and the goats who were very soft.

It was an exciting trip, everyone loved it and we would like to visit the farm again.

Written by Mrunmayee and Honoka (Preparatory)


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