On Tuesday, 20th March, Primary and Preparatory went to the Science Museum attending a fun workshop about ‘Forces’.

The topic was dealt well and the children were completely involved and participating eagerly. As we had already worked on ‘forces and magnetism’ at school, as part of our Science curriculum and our special science week, the children were able to understand well and to answer questions. Some of the children were called to the front to help with demonstrations.

We are so lucky to live in a city like London where such facilities are available to enhance the child’s learning. We hope to make further use of these talks and workshops.

After lunch, the younger group had time to play in an area called 'Pattern Pod' exploring and being creative with patterns.

The older children went to Wonder Lab, to experiment with different areas of science based on topics such as magnetism, earth’s rotation and revolution, using pulleys to demonstrate push and pull and designs made by the movement of a string.

The whole trip was a great experience and the children also learnt a lot.

Primary & Preparatory



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