Primary Spring Term 2013

The boys and girls at Primary are settling into a new term.

We kick started our project on the Ancient Civilizations through revising over our timelines and discussing the importance of learning history. The children learned about the Mesopotamians and are now in the midst of discovering the Egyptians. The students so far have found out about how the ancient people adapted to their environments. In time they will learn about the wonderful contributions these people have developed such as architecture, theatre, democracy and sporting traditions.

This half term the children will visit the Victoria and Albert museum on March 14th to see an exhibition on traditional clothing, religious objects and items used in the everyday life of those from the ancient Chinese civilization.

In science we are currently studying materials and their properties, conductors and insulators of heat and electricity. The children have enjoyed investigating and experimenting independently in our group lessons.

In PSHE (Personal, social and health education) we discussed and role played the concept of our rights and responsibilities as children.

Last week we joined the whole school in an assembly where we discussed World Religion Day and this week we will practice the skill of organised debating. 

In language the children are participating in a wonderful poetry project where they are exploring various patterns in poetry and have written and illustrated some beautiful poetry so far.


Miss Marie and Miss Kate.

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