Dear Primary Parents,

We have all settled in well into Primary and had a very busy January!

We started off the term as part of science learning about electricity and the children built their own circuits which they were very excited about.

Then our focus was on learning about the different shapes of galaxies of our universe such as s-shaped, ellipse-shaped and spiral-shaped galaxies and we learnt that our solar system is part of a spiral-shaped galaxy. 

After that we studied the beginning of life on planet Earth looking at the 'Montessori Timeline of Life'. The children gave wonderful homework presentations about an extinct animal of their choice that they researched at home and it was wonderful to see how much interest the children took in each other's research and findings. Lots of good questions were asked and that led to further research of extinct animals as part of the children's culture work during the morning work cycle.

A lot of learning has been achieved as part of the morning work cycle also in other subjects. Many of the Primary children currently love working with the 'Montessori Long Bead Chains' looking at skip counting and working on times tables. But also, language work has been an important part of the children's daily learning and many children were working on practising spellings of words with phonograms such as 'ch', 'sh' and 'th', studying nouns in general and different forms of singular and plural (-s, -es, etc.) just to give you a few examples.

We have also started to learn about poetry and are at the moment learning to recite a poem about a 'dinosaur at the vet'.

After looking at the 'Montessori Timeline of Early Man' the children looked at Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens and how humans have evolved all the way to the Homo Sapiens (modern man today).

As part of Art and Design Primary has enjoyed painting wonderful self-portraits, creating early sea life collages, making a wonderful group cave painting on paper with chalk as part of learning about Early Man and other art activities. We are looking forward to more art work in the second half of this term.

After the half term break we will be looking at human beings in more detail and are looking forward too many more busy, fun-filled weeks ahead of us!

Kind regards

The Primary Team.


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