Primary went to the Victoria &  Albert museum on Thursday 14 March 2013....



On the way to the ancient china exhibition we stopped to admire the magnificent Rotunda Chandelier by Dale Chihuly which hangs from the ceiling of the Grand Entrance.  The chandelier is made of green and blue glass using the same glass blowing techniques used by the masters of the trade in historic Venice. The chandelier, which has been on loan to the V&A for the past 12 years is commonly associated with the museum. Seeing its extravagant size and beauty first-hand, we can see why it has become so famous!

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We learned about life in ancient China, the importance  of tea in their lifestyle (and how they introduced it to the rest of the world!), burial rites, the Emperor and his court: it's practices and role in ancient Chinese society,  and the significance of symbolism and imagery in their culture. We learned that Dragons where considered a very positive and powerful symbol that was associated with the Emperor.  Personal items of the Emperor, his family and close members of the court - especially robes where commonly adorned with the image of a Dragon.   A five clawed dragon represented the emperor, 4 clawed family/nobles, and 3 clawed assigned to close friends or ministers of the court.  We were unable to take pictures of the original items and robes we saw but Luca is modelling an example of robe with a dragon symbol.  Judging by the number of claws it looks as if he might be Nobleman in the Emperors court.

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