On Thursday (3rd of October) the children of Primary visited the Royal Festival Hall for National Poetry Day. The theme for the celebration was 'water'. In preparation for this the children collected water either at home or at school and wrote a short note or poem about what water means to them. Their beautifully designed water bottles were then donated to the museum of water at the Festival Hall. We were greeted by the very kind Amy Sharrocks who discussed with the children the stories behind other donations of water which were brought to the museum.


The children especially enjoyed the poetry readings from poets as well as some beat boxing. Eva and Oliver also had the privilege of having their poems read from stage. The children came home from the South Bank having gained a further appreciation for poetry as well as the importance of having water in our lives. A big thank you to Miss Kate for the preparation work that was required for this trip and well done Primary for your contribution.


Miss Marie


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