Dear Parents,

Primary has settled in well into their class after the summer and we have started our history project that is focusing this term on the 'History of England'.

Our project started with looking at fundamental needs of humans, one of Montessori's key introduction lessons. We all had a discussion about the differences between material needs (food,water, shelter, protection) and spiritual needs (love,care, etc). As part of this discussion it was great to see and hear all the children's ideas and input.

We then continued our history project learning about Britain under the Celts and Britain under the Romans. This was followed by a lesson about Britain and the Angle Saxons and Alfred the Great being the chief of the Kingdom of Wessex who unified England, which is why he is considered to be the first king, the kings who followed him were his descendants until King Cnut who was a Viking. The children were learning about King Harold, The Battle of Hastings, Magna Carta and Henry the 7th it was great to see how much interest the children showed so far and we are looking forward to continue with our project.

The next king we will learn about will be Henry the 8th!

In art and design the children have learnt about primary and secondary colours, mixing colours using watercolours. In another lesson we looked at thick and thin paint using acrylic paint and trying out different techniques to see how this can affect the outcomes of the painting, the children used lots of imagination to express their ideas when painting.

Our science project was kicked-off by a 'sound walk' in the garden trying to hear as many different sounds as possible and noting them down. Our project about sound will be closely linked to music and the exploration of music instruments. So far we have started to use percussion instruments and had lots of fun using them to create and invent our own 'sound stories'.

Throughout the first half of term we will explore vibration, pitch, volume, sound patterns and what are the different ways how sound can be varied.

After focusing on sound in the first few weeks of this term, we will then move on to learn about light.


We are looking forward to a very busy term ahead of us!


Miss Sylvia + Miss Naveed

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