Dear Parents!
The children at Primary have kick started their project Famous People with an introduction to biographies.
Here we thought about what it means to be famous and how people can become so popular for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they have invented something special, overcome obstacles, achieved something special or have a wonderful talent. We also began learning about Nelson Mandela and his story. 
We are also very pleased to have Miss Mariza join us in Primary. This week she has helped us understand how our digestive system works. The children really enjoyed doing investigations about the stomach, large intestine and small intestine.
Well done to the children of last term who worked on some fantastic book reviews. We have become very inspired to make book reviews a part of our morning work cycle. Once we have finished reading an exciting story the children are reaching a level where they can express their opinions in writing or perhaps criticise a book which hasn't met their expectations.
The children also took part in a care of the environment lesson where we categorised and reviewed our library as a class. They took great pride in this and worked well together as a group. 
We have kick started our term with wonderful enthusiasm and I look forward to plenty of more exciting lessons.
Miss Marie

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