In history we have begun lessons on The Ages, beginning with early man and their ways of survival. This included early Stone Age tool makers. The children worked collaboratively together to plan a TV advert for the bow and arrow ‘The Death Shooter 1,000’ and explored natural resources such as berries to replicate ‘Mr Handy Man’s’ cave art design of his bow and arrow creation (Art and design lesson). Next week the children will begin working on a character development lesson for Mr Handy Man as one aspect of our creative writing lessons.

      In geography we have been learning about plate tectonics through drawing, research and drama before continuing to learn about volcanoes, tornados, earthquakes and tsunamis as part of our learning of ‘violent earth’. 

      In Science the children have begun practising skills such as hypothesising, recording all the steps involved in their learning. We have done a specific experiment on fair tests by melting three different types of chocolate and realising that in order for our enquiry to be ‘fair’ we must keep all variables the same with the exception of our independent variable (three different types of chocolate). Hopefully with further consolidation of fair tests the children will be confident in carrying out a fair test in all scientific investigations as we continue to learn throughout the term ‘animals including humans’ and ‘rocks.’

       In PSHE (personal, social & health education) SMSC development (spiritual, moral, social and cultural  development) we have begun learning about the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, respect and tolerance for different faiths and beliefs. The children did this in groups creating a mind map on different aspects of British Values.  The children have also begun writing in their new learning journals, giving them the opportunity to think about their goals for the coming term. This included personal and academic goals. We will regularly review these goals with the children and guide them towards becoming more reflective of their own learning.

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